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CrossFit | 07.26.2020

CrossFit | 07.26.2020

Prep each movement

Dynamic Stretch

Metcon (Time)
Main Site WOD 7/20/20
Complete 3 rounds for time
800 Meter Run
21 Toes to Bar
12 Deadlifts 275/185

B) Minimal Equipment
800 Meter Run
21 Toes to DB or KB
12 KB or DB Deadlifts

C) Bodyweight
800 Meter Run
21 V-Ups
24 Toe Touches

Looking for 3-5 minutes on the run. Break up the toes to bar early into 2-3 sets. Do kipping leg or knee raise, strict leg or knee raise if you have a pull ups bar. Otherwise, complete toes to dumbbell, v-ups, or v-up into knee tuck or sit ups. The deadlifts should be heavy but doable. Reduce load, use DBs or KBs or complete 24 toe touches.

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