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CrossFit | 06.17.2020

CrossFit | 06.17.2020

4 minutes Double Under Practice

1 sets
2 Clean and Jerks
10 Lunges

Dynamic Stretches

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
A) CrossFit
18 minute AMRAP
5 Clean and Jerks 135/95
20 Single Arm Front Rack Lunges 50/35
30 Doubles Unders

B) Minimal Equipment
18 minute AMRAP
5 DB or KB Clean and Jerks
20 Single Arm Front Rack Lunges
60 Single Unders

C) Bodyweight
18 minute AMRAP
10 Rocket Blasters
20 Lunges
60 Jumping Jacks

Choose a weight for the clean and jerks that you are able to do 5 unbroken or fast singles. Use DBs or KBs or rocket blasters (touch the ground then jump to the sky). Choose weight for lunges that you are able to scylce through 20 reps smoothly. Same with the double unders. Look to continuously move throughout.

Extra Credit
50 Feet Over Dumbbell
50 Knee Tucks
50 Bicycle Kicks
50 Sit Ups

Supplemental Programming

Clean Complex (Weight)
1 Hang Clean (Hip)
1 Hang Clean (knee)
1 Clean
1 Jerk

Weighted Glute Bridges (10, 10, 10)
Place a barbell at the crease of the hip. Press your upper back in to the bench while keeping your feet flat on the ground. Extend the hips and bar upward while squeezing the glutes.

Use DBs, KBs, or backpack.
Russian Kettlebell Swings (10, 10, 10)
Use heavy DB or KB than you usually use.

Toes-To-Bar (30)
Complete 30 total T2B. Choose a variation that will allow you to complete in 3 sets of less.

T2B variations in order of difficulty – Strict or kipping, Straight leg kipping as high as possible, kipping knees to elbow, chest, or as high as possible, strict leg raise, strict knee raise

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