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Success stories straight from our members

At RADD CrossFit, we love watching people progress. When we hear great stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! Are you ready to become a success story? Listen to some of our members and see how RADD has transformed their lives

I've never been able to deadlift in my life until this year...


“I started with Dan in February. We carry these large planks and heavy things around the marina. Last year my joints hurt after lifting them. When I went to pick up the planks this year it felt like it was a different material. It was so much lighter.”

I don't want to rest and rust...


“I’ve been CrossFitting for about eight weeks now. I really like it. I like the people here. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. My goal for the New Year is to keep coming and lose weight.”

I'm trying to achieve my goals...


“I love CrossFit because it has made me stronger. There is a family vibe here and you feel very welcome. I have goals that have been on my mind since I started working out here that I never thought I would have wanted to do or could have done.”

If I can do it, you can do it...


“I have been CrossFitting for about a month. My son Steven turned me on to join CrossFit. The reason I joined was for health reasons. My cholesterol was really high and my doctor wanted to put me on medication and I was really fighting that. Since joining CrossFit my cholesterol has gone down 50 points! That tells me that what I am doing is the right thing.” 

I have become addicted to coming to RADD CrossFit...


“I never did anything fitness or athletic related in my life. This is the one thing that has hooked me! The community and people here hold you accountable and the workouts are fun. I am the strongest I’ve ever been.”

We welcome people with open arms...


“I have been at RADD CrossFit for almost four years. What I enjoy about it is the community and the way we push each other to do better in workouts. Joining was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

You are able to bond with the coaches that are trying to help you...


“I have been a member for eight months. My fitness level before joining was terrible. I tried sports, but nothing ever stuck. My first day was okay and I grew into it because I liked how I got to know everyone on a close level. My friends think I’m crazy and I tell them I like it more than actual gyms because it’s really more of a family here. CrossFit is not like a gym, it’s a place where you are able to really work on yourself.”

It's a life changing program...


“I actually had been reading a lot about it [CrossFit] and walked by one day, on a Sunday, and I was going to see if anyone was there but it looked like it was closed, so I walked away. Rob, one of the owners, actually chased me down the block and engaged me in a conversation about it and told me to come in for a couple of trial classes the next week. I came in three days in a row, loved it, and I’ve been doing it ever since. It will be three years this July.”

My goal is to build upper arm strength...


“I’ve been at CrossFit for eight weeks. One of the things I’m really proud of is I’m doing pretty well on my burpees. My goal for this year is to build my upper arm strength.”

One of my goals is to get a pull up...


“Good diet and coming to the gym four to five days per week has contributed the most to my weight loss. My goal is to get one RX workout done before the end of the year. Just try it, I know it sounds really intimidating. But, when you do it, it’s fun, everybody’s really supportive. It’s a great environment.”

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