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Q&A With Dr. Elyse Tursi – Holistic Medicine Practitioner

Q&A with Dr. Elyse Tursi. Dr Elyse is a Functional Medicine advocate, fitness lover and supporter of natural healing. Her practice as a holistic chiropractor allows her to discover the root causes of your illness and create effective strategies to rebuild, rebalance, repair and support your body’s needs. Rather than prescribing pharmaceuticals that mask symptoms, Dr. Elyse uses Enzyme Replacement Therapy and Spinal Manipulation to improve the function of your body. Her clinical experience using E.R.T. has allowed her to successfully care for patients dealing with thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune conditions, skin rashes, hormone imbalances, and gut intolerances. She wants you to know that you truly have the capacity to heal if given the right tools and her goal is to show you how!

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