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Holiday Nutrition Tips

The Holidays present a challenge to anyone who has a goal surrounded by fitness and nutrition…

The most important thing to understand is that you DO have a choice. If your mental approach is “it’s impossible” and you’re focused on all of the ways it can’t work, then you will only work to prove yourself right. 


If you’re still with me it means you believe in yourself enough to use your power of choice, well…. choices actually. Sticking to your plan means making a lot of choices and decisions on a daily basis. This works both ways. One choice is not going to make or break you. That means one cookie won’t sabotage your plan and doing one workout doesn’t give you an excuse to binge for 4 days in a row. The collection of choices and decisions should add up to progress.

What is your mental approach for the holidays? Will you have to change the “fu$k it” mentality? Do you think you don’t have time? Are you in complete disbelief of the idea of sticking to your plan? 

You are stronger than you think so it’s time to start believing in yourself. Refrain from using disempowering language like “I can’t,” “that will never be me,” or comparing yourself to other people like this,“it’s easy for her, she works out. Truth is, it wasn’t always easy for her, and it won’t be easy for you, but it’s your journey and what you believe about yourself is what actually matters. 


Think of nutrition & fitness from a monthly, weekly, and daily perspective. Look at the events you have planned for the month. For nutrition, decide which of the gatherings you will commit to your plan or have a treat and enjoy. I recommend no more than 3-4 treat events depending on your goals. 

If your treat event is coming up, look at the week and make sure your nutrition & workouts surrounding the event is planned out and clean. 

On the day of the event make good choices throughout the day and workout early. If you know you have a holiday party or family gathering, make sure your breakfast and lunch is nutritionally balanced. You can even balance your meals by eating a little bit less for breakfast and lunch. Please keep in mind that I’m not telling you to skip a meal. 

During the event bring a healthy tray so you know you’ll have something healthy to snack on (Visit our recipe blog for ideas).

At each meal eat slowly and stop when you feel satisfied. There’s a difference between feeling satisfied and completely stuffed. It takes about 15 minutes for your digestive system to signal to your brain that you’re satisfied.


Drink a lot of water! Drink water to avoid soda, juice, or in between alcoholic beverages (if you’re of age). Drinking a glass of water before your meal can help curb the appetite as well. Yes, you will be going to the bathroom more often. This could help you avoid answering penetrating questions from crazy co-workers or family members. You’re welcome. 


Workout! The holidays can be the most fun and make you feel good, but for some people it’s a sad time and it can make you feel alone and depressed. The best thing to do in that situation is take care of your body by working out. Giving yourself the love of self-care will empower you to fulfill the connection you have with yourself. Who says you can’t start your New Year’s Resolution now?

On the day of your holiday plan a big workout or go for a long run. You can sign up for a race or plan to go out for a run early in the morning. Do you always feel good after a workout? Focus on how you will feel when you finish the workout and keep in mind that working out usually leads to making good food choices.


Be mindful. You can enjoy yourself and stick to your plans to help you reach your goals. Remember, you’re after long term success, not instant gratification. It’s important to focus on how empowered you will feel when you step up and make the right choices for YOU!

Coach Dan

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