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Why is CrossFit So Expensive?

People invest so much in retirement funds, 401ks, 403bs, Roth IRAs, etc. Financial planning for retirement is a normal thought for most people. However, what good is having money for retirement if you don’t have your health to enjoy it?

I was able to have this discussion with a new friend about the benefits of a good training program. My focus was to sell him on the idea of investing in his health. How great would you feel if you had a good retirement system for your health.

The important point that I am trying to make is that if you don’t invest in your health now, you and your family will pay for it in the future.

Do you want to be the grandparent that can throw the ball and play with your grandchildren? Imagine having the energy to crawl on the floor or swim in the pool with your little ones at the age of 70.

We can also discuss avoiding the cost of medication and hospital bills that pile up by being proactive about your health. Being on medication is so common that people mistake it as normal. It doesn’t have to happen to you.

You can avoid medication, avoid disease, and avoid inactivity later in life. The prescription is simple:

Get active and eat whole foods.

If you need help getting active invest in a personal trainer or a good fitness program such as CrossFit. If you need help with nutrition hire a nutritionist or talk to your CrossFit coach.

Invest in the experts who will help you before problems occur, rather than the experts who react when problems occur.

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