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Try This Simple at Home Workout


12 minutes of:

5 push-ups

5 sit-ups

5 squats

*Try to get as many rounds as possible in the 12 minutes.


Push-up: Come all the way down to where your chest and thighs are both touching the ground. Fully lock out your arms at the top. *Tip: keep your hands right under your shoulders.

Sit-up: Lower yourself backward until your shoulder blades touch the ground at the bottom. Using only your abdominal muscles bring yourself all the way up to where your back is flat and vertical at the top (perpendicular to the ground). *Tip: Aim to touch your shoes or sit in front of a wall and aim for the wall.

Squats: Keeping your shins as vertical as possible, push your knees outward and sit back as if you were sitting down into a chair. Move downward until your hip crease is below the top of your knee (below parallel). Fully stand up at the top with the hips completely open.



Level 1 – Place your knees on the ground.

Level 2 – Use a couch, box, or chair to elevate your hands.

Level 3 – Establish a distance 2-3 feet (your feet) away from a wall and place your hands on the wall to complete the push-up against the wall.


Level 1 – Anchor your feet under something stable.

Level 2 – Use your fingertips on the back of your thighs to help raise yourself.

Level 3 – While in an upright position on your knees, tighten your abs/stomach and bend at the waist bringing your chin as close as possible to your belly button.


Level 1 – Stop your squat above parallel.

Level 2 – Place a box or chair behind you and lightly tap the bottom of your butt to it on each squat.

Level 3 – From a seated position (on a hard surface), push through the heels and stand without rocking forward.

Let us know how your workout went!

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