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Supplementary Work

The Open is over and it’s a perfect time for us to re-evaluate our progress over the past year of training. While progress can be subjectively measured and based on each person’s individual goals; The Open allows us to determine whether or not our program effectively developed the physical characteristics required for the sport of CrossFit. I think we can safely say that everyone showed at the very least some improvement; in many cases a ton of improvement, and many were even able to PR!

While we certainly showed performance improvements during The Open, for many of us, that is not enough. Many had aspirations to move on to the next level of competition. While that didn’t happen this year, a few of our athletes were very close. This tells me that another year of well thought out training can certainly take us to the next level.

For the upcoming year, we can all expect that our group classes will follow a well thought out program that was developed by a few of our coaches and will be consistently evaluated and modified as necessary. For many, this program will be more than enough to achieve our goals. However, for those that wish to move on to this next level of competition, some supplementary work may be necessary. This year, we plan on providing you with that supplementary work. This will provide more structured training that focuses on developing conditioning and many of the skill necessary to compete at a higher level in CrossFit.

Each week, we plan on posting four extra supplementary pieces. These pieces will be based on weekly progressions so consistency will be key. We understand that doing extra work on top of your group classes each week, four times a week may be too much for many of us. You are more than welcome to pick one or two pieces to do each week; however it’s quite important that we remain consistent week to week. If you are unable to complete all four pieces each week, we suggest speaking with a coach to determine which pieces can be most beneficial for you.

Here is the supplementary work for the upcoming week


Every 2:30 for 12 rounds

8 toes to bar

10 Dumbbell hang clean and jerk(50/35) 5 each arm

14/12 calorie row

If necessary, do a round every 3 minutes. We want at minimum 1 minute of rest prior to starting each round.


Every 3 minutes for 4 rounds

15 chest to bar pull-ups

10 calorie ski erg

Modify the chest to bars so that each set can be competed unbroken.


6 X 15/12 calorie row as fast as possible. Rest 2:30 in-between each set


30 minute bike @ RPE 7(moderately able to hold conversation)

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