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Should My Child Lift Weights?

In doing some research and catching up on reading I came across this article. I get this question all the time, “should my child lift weights?” There’s plenty of evidence and literature that suggests strength training for children is a good thing. You can’t argue science. I figured I’d list a few take aways from this particular article that eloquently answers this question and targets most parent’s concerns. 

I believe the most important message in this article is that physical activity, specifically strength training should be encouraged. Too many children are struggling with obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle. If your child shows interest in strength training then that’s a good thing. Parents should not discourage them from exercise based off of false information and debunked myths. 

Parents should seek out trained professionals to ensure proper technique and appropriate progressions are used. It would not be wise to send your child into a gym unsupervised or work with someone who has little experience working with children. Working with a trained professional will ensure that your child is moving with proper technique and using appropriate training progressions so that your child is safe. Safety should be number one priority. 

Lifting weights has many health benefits for your child. It can improve their coordination, strength, bone density, and cardiorespiratory system. Training these physical skills can be beneficial for general fitness or improvement in sport. 

We want to instill a life long love for fitness in our children so that they continue healthy habits into adulthood. Strength training is one avenue of fitness and if done correctly children can begin to live an active lifestyle. Click here for the full article to learn more. 

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