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Sample at Home Workout With Modifications


3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
10 Burpees


Run: Try to run the entire distance without walking. Focus on slow controlled breathing. *Tip: Avoid letting your thumbs cross the midline of your body. This will reduce the likelihood of developing side cramps.

Burpee: Bring your hands down to the ground and jump both feet straight out behind you at the same time, while lowering your body all the way to the ground (chest and thighs touching the ground). Then, slightly lift your torso off the ground (full push-up not necessary) and jump both feet back in at the same time. Stand up and jump in the air at the top. *Tip: No need to slowly lower yourself to the ground each time. Once you’ve jumped your feet out, let the weight of your body carry you down to the ground.


Level 1 – Shorten the run by 100 meters (300-meter total run).
Level 2 – Half the run (200-meter total run).
Level 3 – Run 50 meters, walk 50 meters for the whole 400 meters.

Level 1 – Step your feet back in, one at a time, on the way back up.
Level 2 – Step your feet out, one at a time, on the way down and back in on the way back up.
Level 3 – Squat down and touch your hands to the ground and then jump back up to a standing position.

Remember, modifications are there to help you get stronger!

Let us know how you did on your at home workout.

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