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How long did it take you to try CrossFit?

I knew about CrossFit for about a year before I tried my first workout at an affiliate. I actually completed my first CrossFit workout on my own. I repeated this workout at the gym every week in addition to my regular routine of running on the treadmill and milling about the gym with no clue what I was doing.

Why did it take me so long to start?

Short answer: I was intimidated, worried about injuring myself, and extremely insecure. Above all of my reasons was the big one. I had a big bad EGO!

The gym I belonged to in Rockville Centre was a conventional gym and there was a CrossFit Affiliate in the basement. I had to walk past CrossFit the Rock to use the locker room. Every time I walked by I saw people dropping barbells, doing pull ups, dropping their bodies to the floor, and laying in their own pool of sweat. It looked crazy!

I started to meet people who did CrossFit. They annoyed me. All they talked about was CrossFit. I thought to myself that this thing is definitely a cult. Everyone I talked to not only told me everything they thought about CrossFit, they always wanted me to try it. “You would love it!” my gym has a free workout you can try!

Not me. Never. I never belonged to a cult before. I’m not into trends. I’m already in good shape. I know what I am doing. I don’t like to try new things. I’m probably stronger than all of those guys. I could hurt myself. What if I look stupid. I don’t like putting myself out there. Not for me.

The owner saw me most days when I walked by. One day he waved me in and said just try it already. I did my free class the next day.

My first class was a humbling experience that left me questioning my personal methods for fitness. I thought I was in good shape. I never knew a seven minute workout would challenge me so much. I was used to running thirty minutes on a treadmill, but in just seven minutes I felt more wiped out than any of my running workouts.

My reasons for not trying were definitely excuses. We convince ourselves not to do things that cause pain. Working out is painful. It is hard and it sucks and I’m not just talking about CrossFit. But if you ask yourself on your drive home after your workout how do you feel? I bet the answer will be that you feel awesome, empowered, happy, productive, you name it.

I can’t change how long it took me to start, but sometimes I do imagine what it would be like if I did start sooner.