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4 Reasons to Sign Up For a Competition

As most of you know, I was a Division I swimmer in college. Competing in swimming was a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Once my swimming career was over and I graduated from college, I immediately joined a CrossFit gym to satisfy my need for a group workout environment as well as an outlet for my competitive drive. The day to day WODs and the online leaderboards motivate me but when it comes time to sign up for a CrossFit competition, I get total competition anxiety trying to predict the workouts. Despite the uncertainty and pre-competition nerves, when game day comes around, I always have a great time competing alongside my friends and seeing how much I have improved.
While I fall into the category of the CrossFit athlete who gets anxious leading up to a competition, there’s another category of athletes that just the idea of a competition energizes and motivates them. What I’ve come to realize after competing a handful of times is that anxiety and excitement are more or less the same thing, it’s just how you perceive them that makes all the difference. The only way you can experience this first hand is to get out of your comfort zone and try it for yourself. No matter what kind of athlete you are, you should grab some friends and sign up for a CrossFit competition this summer for the below reasons!

1. Have Fun and kick some ass!
Most of us were competitors at some time in our lives. Well, it’s about time to get that gameday feeling back. CrossFit gives us the opportunity to regain the thrill of competition that was once such a big part of our lives. There’s something about doing a partner or a team competition and putting yourself out there to compete that brings you back to the soccer field or basketball court as a kid. Competitions are where we get to express what we’ve worked so hard on, and what better place to kick ass and hit PRs than in an energized environment with your friends and family watching.

2. Learn something about yourself
You’ll never truly know what you’re capable until you challenge yourself and get comfortable being uncomfortable. No matter what level CrossFitter you are, you are good enough to compete and you will surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish!

3. Be inspired and inspire others
Whether it’s your kids in the stands watching, your teammates/competitors beside you, or even a random stranger, you could be the reason someone decides to push themselves a little harder. Courage is contagious and is the spark for inspiration in others.

4. Fuel your fire to keep training hard
A sense of urgency, an emphasis on goals, and the motivation to prepare are some of the characteristics that are necessary to be the best you can be. By signing up for one competition, these feelings will quickly fuel your fire during WODs. Do yourself a favor and sign up to give yourself a little extra drive, something to train for, this summer.

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