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3 Steps to Ensure You Fit Workout Time Into Your Day.

1. Schedule your workouts:
Put workout time on your calendar like any of your other meetings/appointments.  This keeps others from booking you for that time and lets them know that you are unavailable.  Your health is more important than another boring hour long meeting.  *Tip: Schedule in travel time as well so you don’t have to cut your workout short.

2. Bring your kids along:
Many people feel like they can’t go to the gym if they have their kids with them.  Most gyms understand you have a family and will have a kid’s room available.  As an added bonus, you are setting a positive example for you kids letting them watch you work out daily.  If you care about your health, they will be far more likely to as well.

3. Prep meals in advance and freeze:
Doing this, you avoid having to rush home to start dinner.  Simply place the meal in the refrigerator in the morning to thaw and pop it on the stove when you get home from your workout.  If you have older kids, you can freeze in individual portions and they can heat up their own meals.

Too tired or stressed?  It’s a good idea to still get your workout in.  If you feel drained from the day, take it easy during your workout.  You will almost be guaranteed a good night’s sleep and feel ready to conquer the world tomorrow.  If you feel way too stressed to work out, know that working out is a great stress reliever.  It helps to loosen tense muscles and takes your mind off troubles.  Again, don’t push too hard, but make sure to get some type of workout in.

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