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“I Can’t”

We have a saying in the gym when we hear someone say “I can’t.” The short response is “not with that attitude.” The short response is direct and can be interpreted as insensitive. If we stop and think about the deeper meaning behind our response you might change your mind the next time you think or say “I can’t.”

Everyone has a reason. Injuries, age, a busy schedule, children, and stress are a few of the many reasons for thinking, “I can’t.” Some would label them as excuses. I call them reasons because today may not be the day you accomplish “it.” However, if we allow our reasons to continuously justify not trying it becomes an excuse.

If you think you CAN’T, you WON’T. You’ve already talked yourself out of it. You have admitted to yourself that the possibility of accomplishing “it” is NOT HAPPENING. If you think you CAN’T, what can your coach do? How can a coach cheer you on, give you a good coaching cue or move you closer to your goal if you aren’t supporting yourself? Please note, this doesn’t stop us from trying. 

In an interview, American filmmaker, & screenwriter Robert Rodriguez said, “Get out of your own way.” People prevent themselves from accomplishing so much just by talking themselves out of it. Here is a typical ending of a conversation I have with people about Fitness and CrossFit:

“When can you start?”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t have time, I have children, I’m tired after work, I can’t wake up that early, my schedule is crazy, your workouts are too hard, I can’t do CrossFit, I’ll get hurt, I have to get in good shape first, I have a bad back, people will judge me.”

I literally see people making up reasons and search for justification. All I can think is that they are in their own way. They are preventing themselves from living a healthier life. I want to help them, I really do. They are just not ready. Once they “get out of their own way” they will be.

The next time you begin to think about saying “I can’t” try saying this:

“Okay” (best possible response in most cases)
“One day”
“I’m working on it”

As a coach, I see people do incredible things. People go from shy to outgoing, lose 50 pounds, get their first muscle-up, you name it. It all starts when they gain confidence in themselves. Once they start playing for their own team it happens. Be confident and optimistic about what you can accomplish. You will surprise yourself.

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Chemnitz Daniel
Chemnitz Daniel
23:53 21 Nov 20
I have been a member at RADD for two and a half years. The owners and coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about... what they do. The individual attention provided to their members is what has given me the confidence, motivation and accountability to reach my fitness and nutrition goals. Although a Crossfit gym, they are much more. They strive to provide individual support when it comes to fitness, nutrition and mindsetread more
brian Rosen
brian Rosen
21:34 21 Oct 20
I’ve been a member at Radd CrossFit since 2013. The coaches are all knowledgeable and supportive of all members no... matter what level you are at in your nutrition and physical journey. The members at Radd are like family members and the entire community is extremely supportive! Through group classes, accountability coaching and one on one coaching I have learned valuable nutrition and exercise lessons that I can utilize for life. I highly recommend starting your fitness journey at Radd!read more
Diane Yodice
Diane Yodice
15:44 14 Oct 20
If I can describe the philosophy of RADD in a few words it would be, "You can do it!" This may sound like a common... phrase, but RADD lives by this philosophy from workouts, to eating, to lifestyle changes, and to overall mental and emotional health. RADD cares about the WHOLE person and helps you to achieve your goals. They treat you like family and they care about their people. Every coach works with you at your own pace and caters workouts to what you can do, and then pushes you to your next level. At first a CrossFit workout seemed like an impossibility to me but I once I took the plunge, I loved it because RADD made me feel that I can do it. Since every workout is structured to your abilities and what challenges you, everyone feels welcome in group settings and everyone supports each other. The RADD family helped me to become a better me both inside and out!read more
Laura Kaveney
Laura Kaveney
18:19 13 Oct 20
I recently joined RADD after moving from the city to Glen Cove, and so far the experience has been great! The owners... and staff have been incredibly welcoming, from the moment I requested information Dan reached out to me immediately (like, within a minute of pressing submit) and wanted to learn about my goals as well as what drives me to be fit and healthy. Since it’s a family run business, there’s definitely a personal touch you sense right away, they care a lot about their members and the quality of the space and equipment. With Covid, the safety measures in place have made me feel comfortable, and I’ve really enjoyed the workouts so far. The programming is well balanced and thought out, and it’s been great to help me get back in shape after quarantine. Everyone is super friendly and accommodating, I highly recommend RADD to anyone passing through the area or looking for a new CrossFit gym or fitness more
Arleigh Rothenberg
Arleigh Rothenberg
02:00 14 Sep 20
RADD CrossFit is incredible. I am so impressed by their professionalism, level of expertise, and their ability to meet... the needs of each client, even when each client is at a different point in their fitness journey. The RADD community is equally as amazing. I can feel and see my improvement, and I'm so happy to have joined RADD! Thank you!read more
Sophia Capobianco
Sophia Capobianco
01:27 03 Feb 20
A very welcoming and supportive community. RADD has taught me all aspects of fitness and how to live a healthy... lifestyle. The Coaches that work there dedicate everything to their members and the community. Love the different classes that are accessible to all ages. I have been there for about 3 years and can see myself a life long more
Jeannette Anobile
Jeannette Anobile
14:56 19 Jan 20
I have been going to RADD since October 2018 and have only had wonderful experiences. I started with no prior... experience, the coaches tailored the classes to my ability and helped me get stronger! They are truly a community! Every coach is approachable and understanding. Rob, Dan and Diana really do want the absolute best for their members. The nutrition support is amazing. They inspire you to work to your best. I have seen amazing changes and improvements to my body. Thank you RADD!read more
Sierra Werz
Sierra Werz
15:25 18 Jan 20
So grateful for RADD and their coaches/members, best thing you can do is walk through those doors!!
Richard Olson
Richard Olson
03:21 22 Sep 18
Great gym and amazing workouts! Coaches are professional, knowledgeable and motivating. Members are really friendly... and more
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